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Don't miss the biggest World Youth Football Cup on the planet.

Buy now your tickets before running out. 


Only people accredited by the organization will have access to the IberCup Complex. Our commitment is to offer a fantastic experience to all the public and respect the maximum capacity of the complex.

In that sense, please get your ticket before the start of the tournament, the number of people is limited to the capacity of the complex. Do not leave it until the end or you could miss the opportunity to enjoy this great moment.

All teams must submit the information before the established deadlines, in order to avoid long queues on the opening day.

You will not be allowed to enter with any kind of drink or food in the complex. There you will find a food court available to all the participants and visitors with many gastronomic options.

For more information about ticket values, please consult the organization.


According to Law number 12,933 of December 26, 2013, and Decree 8,537, of December 5, 2015:

- Children up to 3 years old do not pay;

- Based on the Statute of the Child and Adolescent (Law 8069/1990), which, among other provisions, establishes the right to education, culture, sport and leisure, considering a child up to 12 years of age incomplete. Therefore, the age group of 3 to 12 years will be charged 50% of the value of the ticket.

- Students - In order to be entitled to benefit at the events, it is necessary for the student to present the Student Identification Card, a document proving the student's condition, at the time of acquisition of the ticket and at the entrance of the event. They are able to issue the National Association of Postgraduate Students, the National Union of Student, the Brazilian Union of Secondary Students, the Central Directorates of Students and the Academic Centers of the middle and higher levels. There is no right to the benefit of half-entry people who take basic vocational training courses such as language courses, computer courses, pre-university entrance exams and preparatory courses.

- Seniors - Senior citizens over 60 (sixty) years of age are entitled to half-entry. For proof, it is enough to present an identity document.

* The proof of the half entrance must be presented at the time of purchase and on the day of the event in person.

** It enters into force on 12/01/2015 decree number 8,537 of October 5, 2015, which regulates the new half-entry law (Law number 12.933 / 2013) and the Youth Statute (Law number 12.852 / 2013), guarantee that 40% of the tickets of an event are destined to the half entrance.

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Today will be played the 1/4 finals and 1/2 finals of IberCup Brasil.

Check the match schedule and follow the unmissable matches of today, with highlights for the 1/4 finals of the Playoff Gold category E.


Watch live these 2 competitive matches of IberCup Brasil playoff stage.

09h00 - Cat 2008 (Sub11)
Grêmio FBPA vs Manchester City

10h00 - Cat 2007 (Sub12)
Chape/ Boehmios vs Flamengo

CHECK HERE which Playoff your favourite team will play!

In 2019, the Qualifier for the World Final tournaments will have a new structure. IberCup creates the Super Group Gold| The 2 best teams of each group will play join a second group to reach the semi-final of Playoff Gold. Learn more in our regulation page and see all the matches of these Super Group Gold.



From now on you will be able to show yourself to the World!

The better you and your team play, the closer you'll be to the top.

SEE HERE the IberCup Ranking!

READ HERE how you can get points and reach the top!



IberCup Brasil begins! The group stage is now ongoing, follow all the details from all the matches on the match schedule menu.