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Interview of the Week: Leandro Tavares


There are 50 days to the IberCup Tournament in Porto Alegre, and we interviewed the owner and coach Leandro Tavares. He talked about the importance of school performance, the competitive categories of the youth teams and the participation of his team in Porto Alegre 2020. 

1# How many years have you been a coach? What about this team?
For 11 years, but of this team since 2012.

2# Why did you choose to be a soccer/football coach? Why youth soccer/football?
For the passion for the sport and for teaching! To pass on the experience acquired as an athlete.

3# What is your biggest dream as a coach?
See the athletes trained in our academy achieving their dreams!

4# What is most difficult for you: to educate players or parents? Why?
No doubt, educate parents. Unfortunately, for the lack of respect, for the excesses in the conduction of children's dreams. 

5# How important is it for you to reconcile your studies with your workouts? Does your club somehow help athletes in this regard?
The study is the largest contributor to the athlete's development (mental, ethical, disciplinary and behavioral). I believe that the athlete needs to understand that football is played for a short time (the athlete's life ends around 35 years). We always encourage and value school performance.

6# Which professional athlete would you like to introduce to your players? What is the reason?
Kaká! For the professionalism and respect to sport.

7# What do you think about the competitive system in the younger categories in Brazil? What would change?
I am totally against the competitive system in the formations. I would value more the fair play, collectivity, ethics and good ways of athletes and managers.

8# How did you discover IberCup and in how many editions did you participate?
It was introduced to me by a comercial manager (Márcio). We participated in an edition, in São Paulo, 2019.

9# What did you enjoy most during the tournaments and what do you think we can improve?
I liked the technical level and I think they should improve the structure, maybe on the fields.

10# Do you consider it a useful experience for young athletes to travel abroad and play against teams from all over the world?
I think this experience is valid... it gives athletes the chance to get to know new game cultures.

11# What would you say to a coach who wants to come to IberCup?
It's worth the experience!

12# Which IberCup tournament did you like best? Why?
São Paulo, we only played this one. In January 2020 we will participate in Porto Alegre.

13# What are your expectations for the next editions of IberCup?
Very good!! I believe that we will have more opportunities in Brazil and abroad.


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