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Interview of the Week: Diozel Vendruscolo


The new year is coming and we are already counting down to the 2020 Tournaments. The first stop is in Porto Alegre from January, 20th to 26th. The IberCup lands in the capital of the South of Brazil for its second edition.So, we talked to the coach of Atletico Gaúcho. One of the clubs that take more teams to our tournaments. Diozel Vendruscolo is our interviewee of the week.

1# How long have you been a coach? What about this team?
Atletico Gaúcho is my life, I am a founder along with my cousin / brother Bira, the little school was founded in 2005 and since then I am the leader of the team.

2# Why did you choose to be a soccer coach? Why youth football?
The sport chose me... I've always been passionate about football and children. To be a teacher and to train my students gives an indescribable satisfaction... to see how each one evolves in each training along the years motivates me more and more.  

3# What is your biggest dream as a coach?
I don't have a dream as a coach, I want to help create better individuals in the future... that they look back and see how a teacher and sport can change their lives.

4# What's harder for you: educating players or parents? Why?
The hardest thing is to make parents feel comfortable making students make their choices, without pressure, creating an environment that is conducive to their learning.

5# How important is it for you to reconcile your studies with your workouts? Does your club somehow help athletes in this regard?
It is of fundamental importance and I am proof of that. Even taking my first steps as a professional football athlete, I took the Physical Education course parallel to my training and games, until I chose to follow my academic life.

6# Which professional athlete would you like to introduce to your players? What is the reason? 
I have several references in football, but if I had to mention only one name would be Dunga, because he was always a positive leader.

7# What do you think of the competitive cadres in the younger categories in Brazil? What would change?
I think that the competition helps the human being to develop, but as many people do around here, trying to win at any cost, that's what gets in the way... and a lot! Children are taken to a level of unnecessary stress.

8# How did you discover IberCup and in how many editions did you participate?
I found out from a student who played for Gremio de Porto Alegre and then I went to find out more.

9# What did you enjoy most during the tournaments and what do you think we can improve?
What I liked the most was the interraction between the boys, the exchange of experiences between the professionals and the cultural experience that we all ended up having.
What can be improved is the part of the teams that participate in the team. In my opinion, it devalues our profession.

10# Do you consider it a useful experience for young players to travel abroad and play against teams from all over the world?
Of course, we won Cat. 2008 in 2019 at IberCup Brazil and won the award that took us to the tournament in Barcelona (Spain). It was a trip we'll never forget!

11# What would you say to a coach who wants to come to IberCup?
I'd say it's worth it, but you have to prepare the parents of the students for a participation aimed at learning and not focus on victories.

12# Which IberCup tournament did you like best? Why?
We played 2 editions and each one of them had a different taste. The first one, at IberCup Brazil, we won. And the second we had an incredible experience of playing outside our country and representing it very well.

13# What are your expectations for the coming years at IberCup?
The expectation is of a tournament more concerned with the professionals who are participating and especially with the children.

O vencedor ganhou uma viagem para duas pessoas em Montevidéu. 

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