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The Tahuichi Academy is starting to prepare its planning for this new management, with two of its teams participating in an international championship. This Thursday, the Under 10 and Under 13 delegations will leave for Porto Alegre, Brazil to compete in the Ibercup 2020.

For the second year in a row the Tahuichi will compete in one of the biggest and most competitive tournaments in the world, such as the IberCup, in which teams like Chivas from Mexico, Juventus from Italy and clubs from the region will compete.  In this opportunity, the academy's teams, the Under 10's led by coach Egley Cabrera and the Under 13's led by strategist Franklin Guzman, will be competing in the tournament from the 20th of this month. 

"We started to work promoting and developing our boys, and this time two teams of the Tahuichi, the Under 10 and Under 13 will be leaving for Porto Alegre Brazil, to compete in one of the biggest tournaments in the neighboring country" added Engineer Roly Aguilera, owner of the Tahuichi.

Registration for IberCup Brasil 2020 are closed. Over than 250 registered teams!

Registrations are closed but you can still register your team. Your request will be reviewed by our Staff.



Registration for IberCup Brasil 2020 ends on Dec, 19th. 

Didn't you sign up your team? Then it turns out there's still time to register.

The new year is coming and we are already counting down to the 2020 Tournaments. The first stop is in Porto Alegre from January, 20th to 26th. The IberCup lands in the capital of the South of Brazil for its second edition.So, we talked to the coach of Atletico Gaúcho. One of the clubs that take more teams to our tournaments. Diozel Vendruscolo is our interviewee of the week.

There are 50 days to the IberCup Tournament in Porto Alegre, and we interviewed the owner and coach of Águas Claras FC, Leandro Tavares. He talked about the importance of school performance, the competitive categories of the youth teams and the participation of his team in Porto Alegre 2020.