IberCup Expierence: The interview with coach Douglas Rodrigues


IberCup is preparing for a new season of 2020 and, as always, with lots of news. To do this, we interviewed some coaches, from around the world to tell you a little about your personal history, your club and a relationship with IberCup Tournaments.

Douglas Rodrigues, 33-year-old coach of the School of Futsal and Soccer Brazil F.C.

1# How old have you been a coach? What about this team?
I teach for 12 years and work in Brazil F.C for 4 years.

2# Why choose the soccer coach? Why youth football?
I decided to work as a teacher, first for the love of the sport, for practicing and also for coming from a family of Futsal managers and coaches. I identify a lot with children and I like to observe and follow their development in general, both technical and social.

3# What is your biggest dream as a coach?
It can make every child who uses a football tool bring the positive values ​​that sports provide to life, seeing them growing great threats and the benefits of good!

4# Which is harder for you: educating players or parents? Because?
I always say that children are more things in life, exactly what they live and learn. Of course, raising parents' awareness becomes the most difficult role. Open their vision about sports initiation #and its benefits a bit and not just "be the best soccer player at any cost."

5 What is the importance for you to know the studies with the training? Does your club help athletes in this way?
Believing that Football, especially in Brazil, is an education tool. In our club, the "Adding Values" part, with a specialist in sports psychology, addresses a value bimonthly, for example: respect, cooperation, responsibility and etc ...

6# Which professional athlete would you like to introduce to your players? What is the reason?
If I have the opportunity to introduce the Cafu, I think the captain of the World Penta in Brazil was an example of overcoming and dedication. So much so, he got where he arrived!

7# What do you think about competitive staff in the youngest categories in Brazil? What would change?
Unfortunately, sports initiation in Brazil is still very outdated. "Teachers", who are actually coaches, who believe that the result is any cost yet, are a solution for the development of the little ones. When entering a result at any cost, type: Cursing refereeing, adulterating age, searching for the strongest children, inappropriate games, etc. The best thing to do is a developmental idea. Regardless of results or "achievements", and increasingly adapt to competitions thinking exclusively of children and not adults.

8# How did IberCup detect and how many editions were registered?
I found out about IberCup through a friend teacher who took his school and eventually referred me to a competition. We are now going to January 2020 for our 3rd edition and with more and more categories.

9# What did you enjoy most during tournaments and what do you think could improve?
I really like the 7v7 game model with a large field dimension. One structure that IberCup always offers is the best quality. Which would seriously suggest attention to rules that are not so clear, some may become other things, and others arbitrary.

10# Do you consider it a useful experience for young athletes to travel abroad and play against equipment from around the world?
No doubt this exchange of cultures is very important, as social is very important for small development.

11# What is the direction of the coach you want to come to IberCup?
DR: Why haven't you come yet? (Laughs).

12# Which IberCup tournament did you like best? Because?
DR: I only played in two editions, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre and they both please me very much. Believe Porto Alegre is the best because it includes the structure of the fields.

13# What is the expectation for the next years in IberCup?
DR: The expectation is that the event will grow and grow. So that all children can go through this amazing experience that is IberCup! The real amusement park of football!

O vencedor ganhou uma viagem para duas pessoas em Montevidéu. 

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